The Frequency of Fast Food

And our insatiable cravings for more

Photo by Angelos Michalopoulos on Unsplash
Photo by gbarkz on Unsplash

So now, we’re in a place where eating has become a function of utility rather than enjoyment.

Photo by XUNO. on Unsplash

Faster food choices allow us more time to devote to work, play and other pursuits, freeing us up from the drudgery of everyday cooking.

Who wants to waste their time grocery shopping, cooking and meal planning when more interesting pursuits beckon?

Photo by Epicurrence on Unsplash

The smorgasbord of choices available is only food for thought for those who have the difficult choice of what they’re going to eat on any given day.

Perhaps it’s a signal that we need to slow down, just a tad, and enjoy some of the more simple pleasures that were once commonplace.

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