It’s made “being a friend” a bit too easy

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Friendships Have Never Been So Easy.

Zoom, FaceTime, Skype [insert your videoconferencing app of choice here].

You know you have a favourite. We all do.

Ever since COVID-19 reared its ugly head, many of us have become more than proficient in this modern method of connection.

These days, we very easily and casually set up our laptop, our tablet or our phone and settle in for a relaxing “get-together” with our friends. These virtual meetings have become the norm, not the exception in a world where meeting up at a Starbucks or local pub for a drink could prove to be fatal.

Why risk it when…

On parental loss and acceptance

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It was fun while it lasted.

I used to see you all the time.

After daycare, in the schoolyard, at parent-teacher nights. Playdates on the weekends and birthday parties. You knew me and I knew you. Our kids knew each other as well. Very well. That’s how we became friends.

And now they’re all grown up. They don’t need us to coordinate their social schedules anymore. They have their own ways of communicating (even though you reluctantly gave them a smartphone).

And it’s not just because of COVID-19.

Oh, no.

That’s an easy excuse, isn’t it?

Sure — we’re not hanging out at the schoolyard waiting…

How a mid-life chronic illness diagnosis sucks

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In August, 2017, I was diagnosed with lupus. It’s an autoimmune disease with no cure; one that has symptoms that can be treated — somewhat — but the illness itself can never really be obliterated.

And that sucks.

I’ve learned this very painful truth in a number of ways.

Cancelled meetings with friends. Embarrassing last-minute decisions to not attend an event that I had been excited about only a day previously. Aches and pains.

In the doctor’s office that day (a rheumatologist, if you really want to know), he gave me the news. In an equally clinical yet compassionate tone…

The lyrics are surprising when you pay attention to them

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Photo by Felix Koutchinski on Unsplash

As a parent, you know the score. We’ve all been there, some of us more than others. You repeat the chant incessantly, and find yourself humming the song in the shower when your kids are no longer in your presence.

I’m talking about children’s songs.

What is it about some of these “musical treats” that makes us want to pull our hair out? For as much as there’s comfort in the familiarity of many of the tunes and lyrics, so exists contempt and, in some cases, downright insanity.

Insanity from the fact that we are often forced against our wills…

Urban or suburban: which one are you?

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Photo by Jonathan Roger on Unsplash

“There’s nothing like city life!”

That’s what those who enjoy the convenience of downtown life and all of its amenities. A quick five-minute walk to Starbucks. A jog along streets that are littered with storefronts (and more). Culture. Art. Excitement. At least that’s how it was pre-COVID, but let’s continue on for argument’s sake, shall we?

Life in the big city is one that so many appreciate and so many more would never trade in for anything.

And then there’s the suburbanites.

There’s no place like home…wherever it is

There’s no place like home, especially when home includes a sprawling square footage of property that includes three or four bathrooms (the kids…

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Apps can work, just be careful

In this day and age of Tinder, Hinge and other apps, it’s no surprise that single parents have jumped on the digital bandwagon. After all — how else would they meet a potential partner? With work, kids, chores, grocery shopping and other responsibilities, life is just too busy. And COVID-19? Well, that puts a whole new spin on things.

Yet in spite of the challenges that exist in these strange times, the desire for love and companionship remains. Single parents looking for relationships are turning in droves to the digital tools that are now the norm for so many.


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Murder and gore are always trending, it seems

An evening watching Netflix was the plan.

Popcorn ready, tall, cool drink beside me, feet up on the ottoman.

Netflix is notorious for grabbing your interest with trailers for the latest made-for-Netflix series that may be of interest. This particular evening was no different.

It caught my interest immediately.

Los Angeles. Mid-1980s. Murders.

The Night Stalker” on Netflix is a disturbing recounting of the terror that Richard Ramirez brought on the Greater Los Angeles area and the San Francisco Bay area during this time. …

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