Why following the popular trend may be more trouble than it’s worth


Suddenly, everyone has to have one

It came out of nowhere. Then seemingly, this term — “side hustle” — was everywhere. It was the must have endeavour for any determined and ambitious worker. It didn’t matter if you were freelancing or working for “The Man” — a side hustle was going to let you escape the tyranny of the daily drudge and, perhaps, set you free.

Your side hustle would let you win the rat race by making it possible for you to withdraw from the competition altogether. What could be better?


The reality is that so many feel the need to up their game…

…and no other film has done as good of a job since

Image: 20th Century Studios

SPOILER ALERT — If you haven’t seen the original flick, don’t read this story.

*This story is about the original 1968 film, not the 2000 reboot**

An Otherworldly Plot

I can remember, clear as day, the stunning finale of what is largely seen as one of the cheesiest-yet-engaging sci-fi flick of the 60s. As a child of eight or so watching with my older brother, I was rapt. This was, after all, the early 1970s and the entertainment that is commonplace today was hard to come by then. No instant gratification streaming via Netflix or YouTube existed. You actually had to wait for…

Why was the family holding a car frame while running?

Source: Hanna-Barbera

The “Modern Stone-Age Family” elicits many questions

On the heels of The Brady Bunch and Other ’70s Shows: I Have Questions, it became crystal clear that I wasn’t the only one who needed answers. Watching TV back in the day, perhaps we were more accepting of the reality that was presented to us due to our lack of instant fact-checking via Professor Google.

Yes, we were complacent with situations that were clearly unrealistic, untenable or downright ridiculous. Let’s discuss.

The Flintstones

The first animated prime-time television show featured a working class, somewhat simple man, who got into all kinds of trouble with his equally simple friend, Barney Rubble. Sometimes…

What happened to Tiger and why was there no toilet in the bathroom?

Courtesy of ABC

TV-watching was a sign of adequate parenting circa 1975

As a child of the 70s and a latchkey kid at that, I watched a whole lot of TV. That’s what we did, back in the day: watch TV, eat unhealthy, sugary foods, and run the streets with our parents having absolutely no idea where we were for hours at a time. We were unsupervised and enjoying the freedom of being untethered. There was no Google, no Interwebs and certainly no GPS tracking, feeding a real-time digital map to my parents as to where I was at any given time of the day or night. “Find My iPhone” was just…

We just called it something else


A ‘Scarlett Letter’ was just the beginning

If you grew up in another era, you’d be well aware of the “canceled” folks of yore. Hester Prynne. Galileo. Heck, even Caesar was ultimately cancelled by his once-close friend. For more recent discussion topics, just look no further than the hysteria of the McCarthy era when being labeled a communist would have given you a mark that would impress even the likes of Ms. Prynne.

Et Tu, Brute?

A quick check in with most folks would reveal that every one of them could easily name their favourite canceled anti-hero. All you have to do is ask. Whether this anti-hero…

Only if we admit that the five-day workweek doesn’t exist

A restful fantasy

We hear about it all the time.

Certain countries have adopted a four-day workweek and are apparently better for it. Iceland is thriving with the long weekend that its citizens get to enjoy on a regular basis. Those living in Spain and New Zealand are also kicking back for three days at the end of the week after toiling for a mere four days. It’s no surprise then, that the rest of us want in on the action. Who wouldn’t want to have another day to do those things that are currently packed into two?

Running in the rat race…

Practical advice for parents dealing with anxiety about COVID during this year’s return to school

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

A back-to-school season like no other

The return to school this year is like none other. Certainly it’s similar to last year, as the threat of COVID-19 was present then, as it is now. The unpredictable variable, however, is the Delta variant, the latest mutation that is wreaking havoc on the unfortunate hosts. Sadly, there will likely be more mutations that will add to the stress of both parents and kids this term.

The fear is not unexpected, nor is it unreasonable. Given what we’ve seen about the risk of being exposed to the virus, and subsequent illness and worse, there is definitely cause for concern.

The laws of aerodynamics were missing in Puerto Rico

ABC Photo Archives

An Extreme Suspension of Disbelief

Now, I know that most sitcoms — particularly ones from the 60s and 70s — rely heavily on viewers’ suspension of disbelief, but even so, The Flying Nun was a bit much. Seriously, the premise of this show was that the main character, Sister Bertrille (played by Sally Field) could solve any problem that occurred at the convent by simply catching a wave on the latest wind and flying. Set in San Juan, Puerto Rico, in a fictitious convent called San Tanco, the show was unbelievable — literally and figuratively.

All these years later

Photo by Julia Jin on Unsplash

Practice makes perfect

It sits there, taunting me and every so often, I take it up on its challenge. Sadly, I always lose. The piano is the victor and I admit defeat, daily.

Like so many kids, I took piano lessons from an early age. Pre-kindergarten, if I recall correctly. My father was a big music person; he had also played the piano, and had a love of the violin, which he played throughout my childhood.

Music lessons and appreciation for the classics were expected. Accordingly, my two older brothers and I were introduced to weekend trips to the local conservatory for our…

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