Why following the popular trend may be more trouble than it’s worth

Suddenly, everyone has to have one

It came out of nowhere. Then seemingly, this term — “side hustle” — was everywhere. It was the must have endeavour for any determined and ambitious worker. …

…and no other film has done as good of a job since

SPOILER ALERT — If you haven’t seen the original flick, don’t read this story.

*This story is about the original 1968 film, not the 2000 reboot**

An Otherworldly Plot

I can remember, clear as day, the stunning finale of what is largely seen as one of the cheesiest-yet-engaging sci-fi flick of the 60s…

Why was the family holding a car frame while running?

The “Modern Stone-Age Family” elicits many questions

On the heels of The Brady Bunch and Other ’70s Shows: I Have Questions, it became crystal clear that I wasn’t the only one who needed answers. …

What happened to Tiger and why was there no toilet in the bathroom?

TV-watching was a sign of adequate parenting circa 1975

As a child of the 70s and a latchkey kid at that, I watched a whole lot of TV. That’s what we did, back in the day: watch TV, eat unhealthy, sugary foods, and run the streets with our parents having absolutely no idea where we were for hours at…

We just called it something else

A ‘Scarlett Letter’ was just the beginning

If you grew up in another era, you’d be well aware of the “canceled” folks of yore. Hester Prynne. Galileo. Heck, even Caesar was ultimately cancelled by his once-close friend. For more recent discussion topics, just look no further than the hysteria of the McCarthy era when being labeled a…

Was ‘Whoopee’ really a word?

So few TV channels, so much time

The 1970s brought us many things in the entertainment category, which is no surprise. Remember: there was no 24/7 cable, digital streaming services, downloads and watching whatever, whenever on demand was unimaginable. Yes, it’s true: YouTube was non-existent and cat videos hadn’t made their debuts. As a result, we were…

Our kids have no idea what they’re missing

An inauspicious ending

It’s over.

Some of you may remember the time in public school when you got your first pencil. On a specially-lined piece of paper, you tentatively set the lead to the page and pressed. …

Were drugs involved? Probably.

The times, they were a-changing

We all know that the decade between 1960 and 1970 was one of great change. Societal norms were quickly shifting and the suburban, apple-pie version of life exemplified by the 1950s aesthetic was turned on its head. This was for many reasons — the assassination of JFK, the civil rights…

These songs are enough to drive any parent crazy

It’s insanity. Pure insanity.

You know the score, parents. We’ve all been there, some of us more than others.

You repeat the chant incessantly, and find yourself humming the song in the shower when your kids are no longer in your presence.

I’m talking about children’s songs.

What is it about some of these…

Only if we admit that the five-day workweek doesn’t exist

A restful fantasy

We hear about it all the time.

Certain countries have adopted a four-day workweek and are apparently better for it. Iceland is thriving with the long weekend that its citizens get to enjoy on a regular basis. Those living in Spain and New Zealand are also kicking back for three…

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