…and no other film has done as good of a job since

SPOILER ALERT — If you haven’t seen the original flick, don’t read this story.

*This story is about the original 1968 film, not the 2000 reboot**

An Otherworldly Plot

I can remember, clear as day, the stunning finale of what is largely seen as one of the cheesiest-yet-engaging sci-fi flick of the 60s…

Did this headline make you cringe?

There’s no shortage of cringeworthy words and phrases spoken daily

In the summer of 2020, the esteemed Merriam-Webster dictionary took the plunge. It was at this time that grammarians and, seriously, anyone with a keen ear for language recoiled in horror. You see, “irregardless,” the word that — to that point in time — was non-existent, immediately became valid.


Was ‘Whoopee’ really a word?

So few TV channels, so much time

The 1970s brought us many things in the entertainment category, which is no surprise. Remember: there was no 24/7 cable, digital streaming services, downloads and watching whatever, whenever on demand was unimaginable. Yes, it’s true: YouTube was non-existent and cat videos hadn’t made their debuts. As a result, we were…

These songs are enough to drive any parent crazy

It’s insanity. Pure insanity.

You know the score, parents. We’ve all been there, some of us more than others.

You repeat the chant incessantly, and find yourself humming the song in the shower when your kids are no longer in your presence.

I’m talking about children’s songs.

What is it about some of these…

Samantha Kemp-Jackson

Writer, Media Commentator, Creator & Host: The Parenting Then & Now Podcast, Writing: https://skempjackson.contently.com/, blog: http://multiplemayhemmamma.com

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